Mamoru & Usagi in Sailor Moon Crystal   Episode 1: Usagi -Sailor Moon-
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The Three-Piece as Triple Threat ~ Idris Elba for GQ magazine, October 2013, x



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1. Talk about the first ship you ever had

listen. Alright, so i’m gonna take y’all back to 1997 when little me stumbled upon the only three copies of the Sailor Moon vhs tapes in my local Blockbusters. When I say that Serena/Usagi changed my life I am being real with you. And when I say that I was the most obnoxious Serena/Darien shipper I am not exaggerating. The only true love in the world to me was the love between those two. Their love lasted millenia. they were freakin’ reincarnated twice and they still found their way back to each other. If you came to me with noise about rei/darien and then later on seiya/serena I probably pushed you down on the playground and hoped that you skinned your knee on some rough ass wood chips. I was super hardcore about these two.

I wanted a love like theirs. Everlasting and able to stand up to the challenges of the everyday as well as galactic turbulence the likes of villains and evil queens. And now that I’m older I know now that what I loved about them was the fact that Serena got to be a person who made mistakes and wasn’t always so super great or mature all the time. I loved that her love for Darien wasn’t the only thing going for her. Yes, it’s a huge part of her but so is her love for her family and her girls. I read a post a bit back talking about how Serena’s journey through the series is about her learning to stand on her own with her friends beside her and not just her falling to pieces or choosing to die because they are taken from her. And I have to say I agree and that was a very important lesson for me as a child. I learned that I could have love and be super great and awesome but also petty and shallow and sometimes awful and have that be okay. I learned that I could have love and still be the captain of my own story. That I could be independent and at the same time have someone right there holding my hand and to catch me if I fall. And that’s not to say that my mother wasn’t teaching me all those things, too, because she was it’s just super great for the media I was consuming to highlight that point and show me. It helped to cement her lessons and I say that because to little me I was Serena and one day I was going to find my Darien, and my mother was Queen Serenity willing to give me a chance to find that love again. I watched the love between mother and daughter, and Serena/Darien, seeing what I already had and what I thought my future should be and for little me that was a whole lot of future. I could be anything I wanted and love who I wanted and I didn’t have to choose.