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I n e v e r wanted any of t h i s.

Sailor Moon Crystal | Moon Pride | Princess Serenity

when you see a great pk graphic/gifset but this damn quote is the caption:

What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself.

i don’t want to derail shar’s post but i also want to say that the sad thing about this entire situation is that katniss deciding not to play the game of thrones hunger games edition does diddly squat for her because no one told her that the path to mockingjay status looks suspiciously like capitol propaganda because ding ding ding d13 stole their playbook and is now master of the board which means welcome to rebels and figureheads the game where d13 takes over everything and coin’s the player who wants your soul or your life which ever one will get her what she wants the quickest. she wanted peeta but she rolled a six and ended up with katniss so she’ll take what she can get but if this were monopoly she would have passed go, collected $200 and let katniss burn in the arena because she would have been more useful to her as a dead symbol than a live one whose life she can’t capitalize on. talk about fucked.


Something a little different this time around.




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